Harmon's Letters 

Anyone who experienced this adventure - be it students, teachers, parents, sponsors, or a special assortment of close, personal friends - will find it easy to understand why it was quite the challenge to narrow a collection of thousands of photos to the few here featured.

Of countless memorable moments, it is my hope that these favorites will serve as a heart-felt appreciation to those who helped bring Harmon and his adventures to life for so many young learners. 


101 year-old Harmon interviews a young participant.


Jim Kendall, Tom Huckaby, Dave Kaiser and Mike Carter: The Harrison County Hummigbirds. 

Hershey Ad

Host Jerry Cook pauses for a Hershey's Kiss commercial.


Junior high and high school students who had participated in the classroom adventure in earlier years, returned as assistants - and performers - to make every fair an extra special event.




Seth Willis greets appreciative students at the fair.



Curious onlookers greet the old guy upon his arrival.


With Emcee/Musician Lee Cable.


Just a few of the many thousands who traveled with Harmon from 1993 to 2003.


A young traveler enjoys Ross Woodury's 1929 Hudson.

The Farm

Gathering at Cedar Farm for the first year's celebration.


Great students returned each year to serve as helpers at the fair.

Many more Harmon photos to come!